AFK Arena is a game developed by the Lilith game label, which already has many fantastic games available on the Play Store and iOS App store. The game was released on 21st June 2018. 

The particular part of the game is that you will get regular updates, which have amazing rewards and features. The game size is about 93 MBs, but it may differ by updates. 

You can redeem all the rewards using the latest AFK Arena codes. Players can use these arena codes to access resources like Diamonds, Gold, Hero Essence, Hero Scrolls, and Soul stones.


So let's move on to our reason why AFK Arena Expert is more famous among all youngsters.


What Is AFK Arena?


AFK Arena is a hero group card game that came out in 2019 and has been downloaded and installed more than 10 million times from the Google Play store.


The competitor wants to collect heroes and their unique battle perks to move via the game's story and beat the final boss in the King's Tower.


The game is so-called because the game restarts to run when you are away from the keyboard (AFK), permitting you to play passively and collect rewards just for having fun on your device. 


The developers amp this up to "jumping back into the story" even if you don't play the game very often. The creators also run multiple events for the AFK Arena community in which players can battle each other to receive unique prizes.


Why Is AFK Arena More Famous?


Suppose you check sensor tower monthly revenue numbers and appannie top grossing charts. In that case, AFK Arena easily beats top-tier gacha games like Dragalia Lost and Epic 7 and has even been winning mega IPs like Dragon Ball Legends and Fate Grand Order.


Idle Heroes has been about for quite a few years and consistently made a hundred million dollars a year in western markets, far better than big-name Japanese gacha games in the exact needs.


RPGs never relied much on mechanical skills, so idle games followed the same model as auto chess and relied on team composition and positioning. 


Is this because American / European players love gachas but hate the grind/repetition? And they do not care about stories, just team composition, strategy, and character strength growth relied on.


Advanced Stage of the AFK Arena Game


This article focuses on some main topics that will help you understand why AFK Arena is so famous nowadays. 


You must read the article carefully and not lose focus because some great reasons exist.


Team Composition and PvP - 

The first and most important thing in the game is team composition, which may lead you to win or defeat the game, so all you have to focus on is building a great and undefeatable team. There are many factors to pick up your team, especially for brutal fights.


Offensive Hero - 

It would be great if you have at least two GOD tier heroes in your list or team, which may lead you to the victory, and these two players should be on the frontline during a fight. Tank choice depends upon how much backup your backline needs. If you are playing with a defensive backline like shemira in the backline, you don't need to have a defensive backline. You can go by picking up some more offensive heroes like Brutus and Khasos rather than some defensive ones like Lucius.


Defensive Hero - 

Same as if the backline needs a bit of great backup, then you can try a hero who is a bit of a defensive hero. Some heroes like Belinda are those who deal with severe damage and need some extra protection. You can go with the hero with high dodge stats that are effectively hard to kill, like Kaz.


Intelligent Hero - 

High-intelligence heroes should stay at the backline because these rules expect them.


Teleport Hero - 

The heroes with agility like Athalia can teleport behind the target at the starting of the fight so they can be more suitable in the backline. If you have placed them in the frontline, it will leave you without any cover from the backline.


Support Hero - 

When looking for a supporting character, try to pick up Crowd Control because a powerful healer is necessary. But not necessarily in all the fights, especially in PvE when you have a strong team.

In auto, you can't control anything. It will use all abilities when ready to use in the fight.


Upgrading the Heroes -

You should read all about heroes because many heroes are good in the early stages of the game, but at the end game stage, they are useless, so spending on them may cost you badly. 

So try to focus on those heroes who are good at mid-game, and end-game heroes like Brutus and Athalia are an example. So don't spend your time on upgrading heroes like Urlic.


Final Note


The game is much more fun, with content like labyrinth and peaks of time. AFK Arena gained Lilith Games more than $706 million in revenue, which is essential. So this article helps you to know why AFK Arena is most famous among all youngsters.

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